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KGS Post-Mortem: martinled[16k] vs. Phoon[19k?]

Game in SGF

Automatch paired me with martinled, a 16th kyu player. The game started well; I was playing quickly and he was responding adeptly. However, he slowly outmatched me, and I semi-resigned at move 158.

One move turned it from a close match to a blowout, and that was move 169. I had written the A11 dango off as dead, so I tried to protect two other stones by playing at A7. If I had played at A8 or A9, the lump would have lived. That was approximately a 25-point error.

On the bright side, I now have a solid rank: 20k.

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Tampa Go Club, 12 September 2010

Being Sunday, I went to the Tampa Go Club meeting.


  • Played against another beginner (whose name I can’t remember). Claimed rank about 15k, even game. I took black and lost by about 40.
  • Played two ‘games’ against the visiting 2d. I gave him nine stones, but ‘win’ means making a group live. I attained life both times.

Also, someone (John?) loaned me a well-worn copy of Life And Death, by Davies.

I won’t be attending next week’s meeting due to a prior commitment (the third Sunday of each month is reserved), but hope to return the following week.

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Tampa Go Club, 5 September 2010

I visited the Tampa Go Club for the second time on Sunday.

Another beginner was there, so we played two and a half games. I won all of them. (The half-game was a fight that continued across most of the board, and he gave up.)

After that, I put down the stones and picked up the camera.

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This is my journey from crappy go player to… less crappy go player.

Right now, as I start this blog, I’m approximately 20th kyu. I learned to play go a few years ago, but completely stopped playing because Real Life™ got in the way. Now I’m back and climbing my way back up the ranks.

I have a KGS account, as Phoon, and I play a couple of Sundays a month at the Tampa Go Club.

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